Enjoy your holiday home while generating extra income

Keep your property for your family and loved ones on the dates of your choice. A limited selection for tailor-made services.

The efficiency, reactivity of a single property manager dedicated to your property: From the promotion of your property to the greetings of your travelers. Selection of concierges dedicated and trained for the maintenance of your property and the services to your travelers.

Unique and bespoke services to suits the needs of your travelers.

Our dedication and passion at the service of both your travelers and yourself : Availability, efficiency, discretion, empathy ...

Enjoy your property Get incomes from your investment.

With our high-grade concierge services, you can rent your property when you are away. Let your holiday home brings you extra money! Increase your financial income on the short term without constraints.

  • We take care of your accommodation (cleaning, laundry, repairs and others)
  • We offer 24/7 assistance to your travelers
  • Welcoming travelers will not require any effort from you
  • Optimized booking rates
  • A limited portfolio for an enhanced management
  • Concierge and rental management

Finance your renovation works by welcoming travelers

Do you want to do some restoration works for yourself or to sell ? The very short-term rentals allow you to finance your work. We organize it at negotiated prices from the simple project, furnishing and decoration stage to the sale or rental. We finance the project from the income generated by short-term rentals.

  • Project studies and analysis
  • Financing solutions
  • Architect's choice
  • Site supervision
  • Property arrangment
  • Rental or sale

Sell your property without losing money – Create sales opportunities with travelers

Do you want to sell your property? We market your property in partnership with a large brokerage network, meanwhile, we make your property profitable by offering it to travelers from all over the world. The more travelers, the more potential buyers! Is there a better opportunity for a potential buyer than spending a few days in the chalet in which he is interested in?

Thus, you are guaranteed to sell quickly and at the best price.

Finally, your second home targets the category of investors wishing to find a cost effective solution. As many additional prospects eager to buy your property.

From traveler to owner - Discover the Strkalj - Salourou family experience

We are a family of four based in Canton Aargau, who had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful region of Valais for the first time in the summer of 2020. During our visit to Sion, we came across an apartment that immediately grabbed our attention and stole our hearts. The region's charm and allure prompted us to plan another visit in April 2021, despite the challenges brought on by the ongoing pandemic.

With restaurants still closed at the time, we sought out an Airbnb rental in Sion, and our elation reached new heights when we discovered the Phoenix-managed apartment situated on the very street we had strolled along the previous summer. Marilyn from Phoenix, proved to be an invaluable resource, addressing all our inquiries and ensuring a stress-free experience for our family, which includes our two young daughters.

Impressed by the apartment's ideal location and Marilyn's exceptional hospitality, we decided to make future visits more frequent. Marilyn not only demonstrated kindness and promptness in addressing our questions, but also went above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction by accommodating small requests – such as providing candles to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

When we learned that the apartment, which we had come to adore, was up for sale, Marilyn connected us with the owners of the apartment and assisted us in navigating our potential purchase and educating us about the expectations within the canton of Valais.

We engaged in face-to-face sessions with Marilyn to facilitate a smooth transition from the previous owner. She was receptive to our opinions and took the time to explore various possibilities for improving the apartment's amenities and enhancing its appeal for both our family and future guests.

Our complete satisfaction as guests, coupled with the glowing recommendation from the previous owner, led us to continue the cooperation with Phoenix without hesitation. In the months that followed, our interactions with Phoenix have been an absolute pleasure. They have taken excellent care of our property, promptly addressing any inquiries, attending appointments with craftsmen when necessary and ensuring that the apartment is perfect for our visits. Their dedication to guest satisfaction is evident through the outstanding reviews we have received on various platforms since acquiring the property.

We wholeheartedly recommend Phoenix to all property owners seeking to generate revenue from their vacation homes and in need of a reliable management company. Cedric and Marilyn are competent professionals with extensive expertise in property management, tourism, and real estate. Moreover, they are warm individuals whom one can trust implicitly when conducting business.

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